A Gum Lift Can Give You a Bigger, More Even Smile

If you feel that your teeth look disproportionately small, your gums may actually be the issue. During a gum lift at Columbia, SC, office, Dr. Robert F. Berger and his experienced colleagues can lift or remove a small amount of gum tissue. By removing excess tissue that is covering your teeth, we can raise and sculpt your gum line and correct crooked or ragged gums. In this way, a gum lift can give you a bigger, more symmetrical, and more stunning smile. At Berger Dental Group, we often use advanced techniques and technology to perform this procedure with minimal discomfort and superior benefits.

illustration of gum lift before and after
A gum lift can lift or remove excess gum tissue for a bigger, more even smile.

Is a Gum Lift Right for You?

A gum lift may be appropriate if your teeth appear very short or disproportionately small. The procedure can also be a suitable option if you have a crooked gum line that makes your smile look uneven or misaligned. To qualify for a gum lift, you should be in good periodontal health. If you suffer from gum disease, you must receive effective treatment for the condition before undergoing this treatment. Following appropriate restorative care for any dental issues you suffer from, you may be a gum lift candidate.

Gum Lift Procedure

Before treatment, one of our highly experienced dentists will carefully plan your procedure with you. They will first ask about your goals for treatment. You may also look at pictures of other patients’ results to get an idea of what your smile can look like after your gum lift. After the planning process, we will administer local anesthesia. With these medications and our skilled techniques, the treatment will involve very little discomfort, if any. We can also provide safe, effective sedation if you are anxious about the procedure. However, these medications are rarely needed.

Once your gums are numb, your dentist can lift the gums to a higher position and remove any excess tissue. In a traditional procedure, we will use a scalpel. In many cases, however, your dentist will use an advanced laser to contour your gums. The tool is very precise, and it can achieve highly personalized results. The laser energy can also seal your blood vessels. As a result, you should experience minimal discomfort or bleeding during or after treatment.

A gum lift can still give you a much bigger and brighter smile. Your enhanced smile can improve your overall features for a refreshed and refined overall appearance.

Enhancing Your Smile

Uneven gums can cause your teeth to appear misshapen and uneven. Excess tissue can also extend down your teeth, causing your smile to appear disproportionately small and gummy. These concerns can decrease you confidence in your smile. A gum lift can give you a much bigger and brighter smile. Your enhanced smile can improve your overall features for a refreshed and refined overall appearance. Often, we can combine a gum lift with a cosmetic dentistry procedure. By performing the two treatments in conjunction, we can dramatically enhance your smile.

Receive Advanced Care

Our doctors use advanced technology and treatment methods to provide conservative and effective treatment. We encourage you to find out if you are a candidate for a gum lift. Contact our office today to book an appointment with one of our skilled dentists.

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