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Patients need extractions for various reasons and the most prevalent is a tooth so badly broken down with decay that is it not a savable situation.  Also, wisdom teeth do not usually compliment the oral mechanism and the patient does not usually have space for them.  Orthodontic therapy sometimes calls for some extractions of primary (baby) teeth and some permanent teeth to be able to accomplish the orthodontic objective.

Periodontal disease condemns many teeth due to loss of periodontal support; extrusion of teeth occurs in some periodontal conditions that makes those teeth unattractive and non-functional.

Some patients with painful teeth do not want root canals and opt for extractions.  Teeth, at times, are erupting in odd locations that will never be workable.  Harsh medications that dry the mouth can lead to the need for extractions.  Drug habits such as meth use are toxic for the health of the teeth.  Impending radiation therapy in the area at times causes the physician to request extractions prior to the radiation to prevent osteonecrosis.

So, there are many reasons we at Berger Dental extract teeth.  We use the most atraumatic methods available.  Placing implants leads one to realize quickly how precious the residual bone can be.  Therefore, we use the most conservative techniques in extraction work to salvage every bit of bone and tissue support available.  When teeth are already broken off and we are placing an implant into the site or the extraction is being followed with immediate implant placement, we use a powertome which is a wonderful mechanical device that separates the tooth automatically from the bone and facilitates easy removal.  This leaves excellent bone for the implant placement.  No, most offices do not use a powertome.  It is an essential device on many occasions.

Following extractions, we use excellent suturing techniques and are on-call for questions or complications.  We have excellent knowledge of when and how to use antibiotics and pain medications properly.  We monitor the post-op progress carefully.

Post-Surgical Instructions

Post-Surgical Instructions (Español)

Oral Surgery

At Berger Dental Group, we offer a wide range of oral surgical therapy.  We have oral surgeons on part-time staff for impacted wisdom teeth and advanced conditions. For more…

Our oral surgeons are fully educated and certified oral surgeons and can use IV sedation and deeper anesthesia when needed. 

Complicated impactions or multiple impactions are performed by our oral surgeons under as deep an IV sedation as needed.  These impaction procedures are most often done for teenager or younger people.  However, that is not always the case.

Also, our oral surgeons are designated to do complicated surgery on our patients whose medical condition is compromised.  Patients with the need for full mouth extractions that have certain medical issues need the advanced training for safety for extensive procedures.

Other procedures such as removal of a salivary stone from the parotid duct that is symptomatic, certain biopsies of tumors, certain bony augmentation such as a ramus graft are done by the oral surgeon.

Dr. Robert Berger routinely does tori removal to facilitate denture construction and many times does them at the same visit as extraction in the same dental arch under IV sedation simultaneously.  This leads to less healing time and more timely replacement of the arch of teeth.

An example of our combined therapy, just recently (March 2015), Dr. Robert Berger and staff extracted eight teeth, placed two implants, and started eight crowns on a patient under IV sedation on a Friday  morning from 8am to 12 noon.  The patient walked out with an attractive smile and a highly enhanced dental future.

Dr. Robert Berger is very experienced in extractions, bone augmentation, removal of bony tissue (tori) when needed for partial denture construction, re-contouring of bone for denture needs when contours need modifying prior to denture construction.  Also, Dr. Robert Berger places and restores implants and augment bone where needed.

Dr. Robert Berger is certified in IV sedation which makes surgical procedures quite painless.

These services combined with all we do at Berger Dental Group set us apart from the average office.  We can combine restorative, extractions, implants, and fillings all in one appointment under IV sedation if the patient wishes and the medical condition of the patient is good.

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