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Protect your Oral Health with Preventive Care

Preventive dental care is “way of life” at Berger Dental Group.  What comes to mind for a patient is usually brushing and flossing and that is a major component.  However, all of our treatment here is pointed toward maintaining health and preventing disease.

When the patient gets a cleaning and check-up, we obviously remove material like plaque and calculus, teach better brushing and flossing, and use interdental brushes when needed.  We also are getting excellent results with the Phillips Water-Pic flosser and sonic electric toothbrushes.  The water flosser and sonic brush now comes in a combination unit that is reasonably priced and we have them here at a very competitive price.  The proper use of oral cleansing devices is basic to success in maintaining oral health.

Every treatment we render is directed toward the over-arching goal of maintaining excellent health of all of the oral structures and muscles in the area.  We usually start with people who enter our practice with existing problems with the objective first of “disease control”.  This first step is to stop decay, periodontal disease, obvious infection and any other diseased condition of the tissues.  We also stress excellent home care so that the treatment is effective for the long-term.  When that patient presents with something unsightly, this is also an immediate priority.  An analogy to early treatment is that if a house is burning, you put the fire out and clean-up prior to rebuilding.

This contrasts with trying to find the most expensive work to do first.  All good dentistry is preventive in nature.  A root canal may prevent loss of a tooth.  A filling prevents worse problems.  A crown can prevent cracking of the tooth, and so on and on.

We also monitor habits that affect overall health and of course discourage smoking and offer advice on cessation or at least cutting back on smoking.  Dipping snuff is common here in the South and is mostly done by the young.  Cancer finds fertile tissue in the young and leads to an aggressive malignancy.  We monitor physical status of diabetes and ways to improve their prospects for a long and productive life.

When patients who are alcoholics, addicts, or in recovery are honest with us, we are able to adjust medications and treatment to aid them and their serious conditions.

We consider all medical conditions and deal with dental conditions of heart disease, drugs used that increase likelihood of post treatment bleeding, bisphosphonates used for osteoporosis, decreased platelets that aid coagulation and so forth.  We know the body is totally interrelated and dental care at its best takes the global thought and care into consideration at all times.

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