The Ins and Outs of IV Sedation

Sedation dentistry allows Dr. Robert Berger to put patients in a relaxed, sleep-like state. This safe form of dentistry is ideal for patients who require extensive time in the treatment chair. Patients who suffer from dental phobia can also benefit from IV sedation. If you are looking for a dental practice in Columbia, SC area that provides IV sedation, we welcome you to join the many satisfied patients who trust Berger Dental Group to brighten their smile. Dr. Berger has practiced dentistry since 1969.

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With sedation dentistry options, you do not need to be anxious about receiving dental treatments.

What Does IV Sedation Feel Like?

Some dental practices refer to IV sedation as “sleep dentistry” or “twilight sleep.” These terms are good descriptions but a little misleading. Patients who undergo IV sedation are still conscious throughout their dental treatment. IV sedation leads to a deep state of relaxation. Depending on which specific drug is used, patients may experience partial or full memory loss (mild amnesia) beginning from the moment the drug is administered at our Columbia dental practice until the time when the drug effects wear off.

One result of this memory loss is that patients perceive that the procedure was completed very quickly. In other words, IV sedation can give the impression that time is passing very quickly. This one reason why patients sometimes report that they were asleep throughout the process. 

The actual physical effects of IV sedation vary between patients. In general, patients who undergo IV sedation at our Columbia, SC office often report feeling:

  • Light-headed
  • Euphoric
  • Relaxed
  • Restive
  • Free from dental phobia-related anxiety
  • Giddy

Whether you opt for oral sedation or IV sedation, our doctor will still administer local anesthesia to numb the treatment area. Sedation addresses anxiety, but it has little effect on reducing pain or discomfort associated with dental procedures.

Am I a Candidate for IV Sedation?

IV sedation is extremely safe, especially when it is administered by one of our skilled and experienced dentists. Ideal candidates for IV sedation:

  • Suffer from dental phobia or a fear of needles
  • Require a lengthy dental treatment of one hour or longer
  • Have difficulty sitting still in a treatment chair

During your consultation at our Columbia, SC dental practice, one of our skilled dentists will determine if you are a good candidate for IV sedation. Pregnant women, individuals with allergies to benzodiazepines, and patients who have recently consumed alcohol are not eligible for IV sedation. Certain medical conditions may complicate candidacy for IV sedation.

Benefits of IV Sedation

An estimated 30 to 40 million Americans suffer from dental phobia. The condition can place a real barrier between individuals and important dental treatments. IV sedation allows those patients to undergo treatment stress-free. Sedation also allows our doctor to perform multiple tasks in a shorter period of time. Many of our procedures, including our smile makeover, can easily require two or more hours of treatment time. If patients move or fidget, this can extend the overall treatment time. Sedation allows Dr. Berger to work more efficiently because he has complete access to your mouth.  

Trust Your Smile to a Qualified Sedation Dentist

Whether you suffer from dental phobia or simply wish for your lengthy dental procedure to feel like it went by in minutes, IV sedation offers many benefits. When working with a sedation dentist, experience matters. Dr. Berger has practiced dentistry since 1969, and his skilled team can provide sedation dentistry. If you are ready to enjoy the calm and soothing benefits of sedation dentistry, we welcome you to contact our office online or to call our Columbia office at (803) 592-3913.

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