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Sedation Dentistry Allows Patients to Relax through Treatment

Sedation dentistry has transformed our practice as to the treatment of persons with great fear and foreboding and enabled us to get good dental services done for them.

Many offices use oral sedation and we use it at times.  Oral sedation is useful for many patients and it “fits the bill” in those cases.  The cost is less and we are trained in its use.  However, when deeper sedation is needed, IV sedation is more effective and safer as we can control things better with an open vein available.  When I first began to use IV sedation a decade ago, I had no idea how valuable it would become.  The patients have done well and the work gets accomplished.  Dr. Crockett and Dr. Robert Berger were IV trained at UAB (University of Alabama, Birmingham).  Our oral surgeons were trained in their graduate programs. 

As I write this, a recent Friday, I extracted some 8 teeth, placed two implants, and prepared eight crowns for a patient from “out of town”.  He was my only patient that day and we plan these cases to the nth degree and enjoy doing them.  Many of the IV cases involve extractions, bone re-contouring, and placement of dentures.  However, some patients are so fearful that simple procedures such as fillings and such require IV sedation.

Some implant work is done under IV as are most all procedures for the really fearful.  We require someone to accompany our sedation patients and care to get them home safely following recovery.  We regulate post-surgical care and follow-up.  IV sedation is not just another factor in our “all in one location” approach to the highest dental standards.  It is an integral procedure in the day-to-day dental practice at Berger Dental Group, and helps us to treat our patients in the best manner.

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