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Comprehensive Dentures Treatment Options

Many millions of Americans wear or need dentures.  At Berger Dental Group, we place a large number of well-designed, functional, and esthetic dentures.  We also make partial dentures and implant aided dentures.

Complete dentures are both an artistic and mechanical challenge.  We evaluate the patient’s health, dental support as to any residual ridges, facial contours, and residual bone and gums.  Any impediments to denture construction in the initial consultation are discussed with the patient prior to definitive denture construction and initiation.  The patient’s desires as to size, shape, color, and other factors are brought into focus.

We consider the existing teeth if present, the existing denture if present, facial contours and size, sex of the patient in that women’s teeth look better usually with rounded contours and male teeth are more square on the sides.

Most first dentures are done in our office as immediate dentures.  Thus, we extract the teeth and place the denture immediately following the extractions.  We have oral or IV sedation if so desired by the patient.

These immediate dentures are relined with a soft liner to facilitate a tighter fit within a few weeks or less of delivery.  We have constructed thousands of dentures here and though we prefer to save one’s teeth, we are proud of the quality of our full denture care.

Some of our dentures precede placement or succeed placement of implants.  We attach mostly locator attachments to the implants on the tissue side and the female component into the denture.  This allows the denture to snap to place which improves the retention and security of the denture.  These are most common on lower dentures.  However, patients enjoy these in the upper arch and may not need the palatal part of the denture if four implants are placed.  We are glad to explain all this to our prospective patients.

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