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Fully-restored Smiles with Dental Implants

We have been placing and restoring dental implants at Berger Dental Group since 1989.  Dr. Robert Berger started this phase of dentistry and continues it.  He teaches in the Implant Department at MUSC in Charleston on most Fridays and is a fellow in the ICOI (International College of Implantology).

Implant therapy has expanded dramatically and extends from single tooth replacement to implant-supported bridges and full overdenture stability used to provide denture retention in an affordable fashion. We also can place adequate implants to replace most or all teeth in a fixed (non-removable) restorative treatment!  Good implant therapy begins with proper evaluation of the physical area and an understanding of the patient’s wants and needs.  We have had a 3D CAT scan unit in our office since 2008 and are able to evaluate in three dimensions one’s available bone support. During your consultation, we can plan your precise implant strategy and review your treatment timeline.

We sometimes place implants at the extraction appointment, but we want to be sure success is accomplished so we inform the patient at evaluation what is best.

There are many ads for “teeth in a day” and such.  It is important that a patient gets a proper decision.  We can always keep a person “with teeth” but overly aggressive care introduces pitfalls.  Also, there are methods that allow one to budget and progress such as placement of several implants followed by more later.

Bone support is a vital factor in implant therapy and we address this with each and every patient.  We also place different brands of implants as some have a better design for an individual case.  For example, an area for placement may render best results with different shape and designed implant.  I place longer and more tapered implants such as Nobel’s tapered groovy in some to the immediate-load orthodontic cases where the bone is plentiful lengthwise but is sparse front-to-back.  For molar replacement, we like an implant with greater diameter.  Our experience and CAT scan unit enable us to place the right design for a particular case.

If you have additional questions about the treatment process or recovery timeline, our team would be happy to assist you further at a private consultation.

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